Changing Water Sampling Worldwide

It's Your World. Sample Anywhere.

Nixie is new. We are scaling up.

Manufacturing, sourcing and shipping are insane right now but we want to you know that we are working hard to fulfill all your orders.

Once payment is made, NixieDIp will ship in 6-8 weeks. Note that prices do not include shipping and international country tariffs, duties, taxes and other fees that are out of our hands.

We appreciate your business, and patience, very much.

  • Attach

    As drone hovers, simply pull a lever to connect Nixie to drone. Open cage and insert collection bottle.

  • Dip

    Fly drone to designated
    target area. Lower Nixie below water surface.

  • Collect

    As drone hovers, open bottle cage, and retrieve sample. Replace with new bottle and repeat.

Great Lake Drones Using NixieDip for First Time

Tony Reid from Drone Cadets Using NixieDip for First Time

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