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NixieDip, Inc

NixieDip for DJI M300

NixieDip for DJI M300

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Note: NixieDip for the M300 only holds 250mL water sampling bottles due to drone payload limitations.

One water sampling bottle will be included with each NixieDip order.

All Collision Avoidance must be turned off on the DJI M300 drone when using NixieDip. Failure to do so will result in the M300 to make an unexpected landing.

Personal protective headwear should always be worn for safety.

NixieDip is an industrial device and only those with sufficient heavy-lift drone operation experience should use this water sampling tool. 

NixieDIp for M300

Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nylon 12
NIXIEDIP Weight (empty bottle): 972g (2.1 lbs)
NIXIEDIP Weight (full bottle): 1.2 kg (2.7 lbs)
Length: 113.8cm (44.8 in)
Claw Adapter: 21.4 cm x 14 cm (8.4 in x 5.51 in)

M300 Adapter
Material: Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nylon 12
Dimensions: 43.7 cm x 18.2 cm x 3 cm (LxWxH) (17.2 x 7.2 x 1.2 in)
Weight: 295g (0.7 lbs)
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